Majallah AL-ULUM AL-ARABIA () is issued by the department of Arabic, faculty of Islamic learning , Islamia University of Bahawalpur(Pakistan) keeping in view the HEC policy and feeling the requirement of those teachers and scholars who are concerned with teaching and research of Arabic language and literature and did not found journals for publication of their research papers, as there was only one Research Journal issued from the department of Arabic, Punjab University, Lahore. Other journals, issued from departments of Islamic Studies or Islamic centers although published papers related to Arabic language and literature but often neglected due to a big number of papers relevant with uloom e Islamia on priority. Therefore, we hope that this journal will cover up the existing problem of researchers and teachers to a big extent. Department is trying its best for its better standard and inclusion of valuable research in it. We are very much thankful to our worthy Vice Chancellor, Professor.Dr. Qaisar Mushtaq, for his generous cooperation and permission to publish it from University Printing Press at IUB which made the dream of the department to issue a journal come true. We are thankful to him from heart and soul. We are also thankful to the Manager and other officials of Printing Press of IUB for their special concern and all the team of faculty members/professors(from Pakistan and Foreign countries for their recommendations and suggestions, they sent to us time to time. May Allah help us for more betterment...Ameen

Dr Raheela Khalid
Department of Arabic
The Islamia University of Bahawalpur